The accessibility in a Web site consists of guaranteeing access to the information and services of its pages without limitation or restriction due to any type of disability or technical conditions, bearing in mind that many people who access the information included in Web pages do it from different devices and contexts.

In order to help and facilitate access to information, web pages must comply with a set of guidelines and recommendations indicated by the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) working group, which is part of the W3C consortium (World Wide Web Consortium) . Such guidelines conform a de facto standard in terms of accessibility to Web pages. WAI establishes three levels of verification or adequacy that are: level 1 (A), level 2 (AA) and level 3 (AAA).

To help in the verification of the recommendations, the TAW tool, Web Accessibility Test, has been used. Currently, this website complies with all of them at level 1 (A).

Visual design

This website has been made using XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2 style sheets. This website uses cascading style sheets for the visual formatting of the information (original documents that are structured in a structured way using XML).

The styles used have been built following the recommendations of the W3C consortium, for version 2 of cascading style sheets and have been validated using the “CSS Validator version 2.0” provided by the consortium.

On the other hand, the HTML from which the different css are used has been validated to verify that the analysis tree used is correct. The analysis was done using the “Markup Validator v0.7.1 Released”, which is provided by the consortium.

To improve the accessibility of the portal, only style tags that are recognized by most browsers have been used, with special emphasis on Firefox and Internet Explorer.

It has been verified the correct visualization of this Web site in different versions of the main browsers and in different platforms.

For the correct visualization of the graphic portal it is necessary to be able to execute JavaScript.

Download of Documents

Most of the documents downloaded from this website are in PDF format. These documents can be viewed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader application.