Logistic Solutions (Projects)

Two Modular RFID Cabinets in the Surgical Center with six modules with access control, inventory management and control module. The control module has a 22-inch touch screen and Health Management Software Material integrated with the hospital HIS, ERP and SAP. Provides optimization of warehouse space, control, automation of replenishment of stored material and wearer comfort.

Among its features we can highlight: personalized access control, innovative and modular design, LED indicators to facilitate rapid location of the item, automatically generates replenishment orders, shipping alerts insufficient stock and allocation of material to patients.


Nine Modular RFID Cabinets in: hemodynamic, vascular surgery, electrophysiology, interventional radiology and neurosurgery.


Complete solution of Double Compartment Modular System at 35 hospital units including trays and baskets of different standard sizes and heights, shelving and 22-inch touch screen RFID panel with Health Management Software Material integrated with the hospital HIS and ERP.


Seven Modular RFID Cabinets in outpatient pharmacy.